Wednesday, March 16, 2011

You Still Believe In Me

It's been a really long time since I last blogged. I miss it. But then every time I come on here to blog about something, I can't think of anything to say... the times when I have something to say, I'm never near a computer or in a position where I could blog.

Okay, how 'bout some awesome song lyrics. As in, 'awesome song' lyrics. Not awesome 'song lyrics'.

You Still Believe In Me
by the Beach Boys

I know perfectly well
I'm not where I should be
I've been very aware
You've been patient with me

Every time we break up
You bring back your love to me
And after all I've done to you
How can it be
You still believe in me

I try hard to be more
What you want me to be
But I can't help how I act
When you're not here with me

I try hard to be strong
But sometimes I fail myself
And after all I've promised you
So faithfully
You still believe in me
I wanna cry

I love the Beach Boys. They're so awesome. Just listen to the song.

They're just so good. I mean, just look at this album art.
Look at this old school photog. It's so good!!!
Traditional and yet SO effective!!! 

Seriously, these photos are all so sweet. Not to mention Don't Worry Baby is one of my all time favourite songs. It's just so... good!!! Sorry, I keep using triple exclamation points, hey.

It just occurred to me how I'm not talking to anybody. As far as I know, no one reads my blog, and yet I go on talking and telling like I'm actually conversing with someone or advising someone on music or something. I don't know. Sounds kinda dumb.

I've always had this funny wish to be like, a famous blogger, but I guess the problem with that is that I'm not all that interesting. I just kinda... talk about crap, hey. It's like... sometimes I used to blog just 'cause I felt like I should, and so drivel came out and ended up on my blog being dead boring... Maybe I should find a purpose for my blog. You know, review books or movies or cds or... something. I don't know. People do that, right? I don't know. I guess I should find something to do. I like blogging, but what's the point if I'm gonna be boring and no one's going to read it?

Anyway. Hope you like the song. Listen to it again, just for good measure.

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