Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I was thinking, overthinking...

So there's this total point of confusion (the fine line between disorganisation and insanity (concerning the thoughts) in case you didn't know) where I'm standing now. And it's... Interesting. You know? Kind of exciting. I don't know what will happen just around the corner. What decisions will I make? Will they be the right ones or the wrong ones? What will the consequences be? And will everything be completely screwed because I'm in a high state of confusion?

Well, I guess we'll have to wait and see. And that, my friend, is the fun of it all. Where's the adventure in life if no one ever takes risks? But where's the maturity in life if people do? Choices. Wow. We make choices every moment of our lives. Whether we'll take the next step, type the next word, breathe our next breath. It's a choice. No matter how much people pretend they have no say over some things... It's all a choice.

Life is full of choices... No one ever mentions fear.

Fear is part of the right now. I think we all fear something, all of the time. That we'll do the wrong thing, take the wrong turn... Make the wrong decision. But maybe... Maybe it's time we stopped being afraid. Maybe we need to wise up and, instead of being afraid, don't rush into anything. So we don't have time to be afraid... In the opposite sense. We'll think about it so much that we won't need to be afraid anymore.

I know this isn't making much sense to you all right now but... Like I said, I'm confused. But I think the best cure for Confusion is... Overthinking actually.
(So there, Mr. You're-Such-An-Over-Thinker! *Sticks out tongue at you.*)

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J. Allyn said...

Hmmm... This stuff... It's all pretty "legit".
And believe it or not... It makes sense.